Treeline Lurline Katoomba

Treeline Lurline is a community based initiative involving committed and passionate local residnets, community groupos and organisations, businesses and professionals working together with Blue Mountains City Council for the re-beautification of Lurline street in Katoomba NSW.

Our shared vision is for an avenue of trees with seating, water stations and seating lining the 1.2km walk from the Katoomba CBD.

This will provide respite for the elderly, shade, shelter, habitat and a contiguous physical and visual link between Echo Point and Katoomba.

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Jessica Lawn
Jessica LawnConsulting Arborist
Jessica Lawn a long time lover of all that nature delivers us. However, not simply content to be a ‘nature-lover’, passion saw Jessica’s desire to become a full-time, professional ‘nature-nurturer.’ From this point on, her vocational focus was to be become a horticulturist (Cert IV Horticulture), and today she boasts more than 15 years experience in cultivating gardens to their full, flourishing potential throughout the Blue Mountains in NSW.