Gladstone Rd Leura

A great result for the Liquidamabars lining Gladstone Rd, Leura following on from the community meeting held at the Fairmont Resort in July 2019.

A draft Tree Management Plan was put forward by Blue Mountains City Council to retain the heritage trees. The plan aims to monitor the new Spring growth and to subordinate and over time reduce some of the weight in the bigger branches to create uniformity and continuity along the section of Gladstone Rd from Northcote Rd to Fitzroy Street.

Jessica Lawn
Jessica LawnConsulting Arborist
Jessica Lawn a long time lover of all that nature delivers us. However, not simply content to be a ‘nature-lover’, passion saw Jessica’s desire to become a full-time, professional ‘nature-nurturer.’ From this point on, her vocational focus was to be become a horticulturist (Cert IV Horticulture), and today she boasts more than 15 years experience in cultivating gardens to their full, flourishing potential throughout the Blue Mountains in NSW.